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Block 37, from the Kemper Building

Block 37, from the Kemper Building

We’ve already told you our feelings on Aon Center stealing the show at Open House Chicago 2015. One of our favorite features of Aon’s 71st-floor vantage point, as well as the one high atop the Kemper Building‘s 41st-floor observation deck (new windows!) was being able to look out across the city and check on the progress of several construction projects.

It’s one thing to stand at street level and look up to see how a Chicago skyscraper is coming along; it’s a whole new ballgame when you can glance¬†down and see the work being done.


Disclosure:  The Chicago Architecture Foundation provided priority access passes to the Chicago Architecture Blog which helped facilitate this article.


Author: Daniel Schell

Daniel Schell is a West Loop social media addict who lives for Cubs baseball, good pizza, and big cities. If you bump into him on the street, it's likely because he's taking photos instead of watching where he's going, and he apologizes.

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