Sing Along: “It’s the Most Wonderful Permit of the Year”

In Chicago, this sign makes sense

In Chicago this sign makes sense

Both local baseball teams are done for the year.  Daylight is no longer being saved.  And Tom Skilling is saying ominous things about the months ahead.  Yes, that means it’s time for our favorite construction permit of the year to be issued.  And just like clockwork, one of Santa’s helpers (actually a guy from Criterion Productions) was seen filing paperwork at City Hall recently.  And just as sure as tummy aches follow figgy pudding, the city clerk’s office dutifully spat out this recent update:

The unnamed Picasso endures many indignities throughout the year

The unnamed Picasso endures many indignities throughout the year

50 W. Washington St. Permit issued for new construction PERMIT EXPIRES ON 12/29/2015 ERECTION STARTS: 11/8/2015, ERECTION ENDS: 1/7/2016. TEMPORARY TIMBER HOUSE FOR THE CHRISTKINDLMARKET EVENT ON NOV. 20 – DEC. 24, 2015. 1 – 26′ X 67′ TIMBER HOUSE. CRITERION PRODUCTIONS.

Christkindlmarkt is one of the few great annual Chicago events we have left, so be sure to get down there.  This year it runs from November 20 to Christmas Eve.  But you might want to time your visit to avoid the weekend suburban tourist crowds, or you’ll go from zero to Grinch faster than a reindeer at a toll booth.

Still, there should be a little more breathing room this year since the city’s official Christmas tree will be parked at Millennium Park this year.

Protip: If walking in a winter wonderland isn’t your thing, you can get between Daley Plaza/Christkindlmarket and Millennium Park underground via the Pedway, during regular Pedway hours.  Bonus: You’ll pass two Starbucks and a Dunkin’ Donuts during your journey.

Kristkindlmarkt construction of years past

Kristkindlmarkt construction of years past

Location: 50 West Washington Street, The Loop

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