Hole-in-the-wall Walgreens Building Has Holes in the Walls


151 North Franklin

The Walgreens cookie crumbles, making way for 151 North Franklin.

It seems like forever since the Walgreens store at Randolph and Franklin streets was closed to make room for a new office building in The Loop. But sure enough, the 2-story edifice that will soon be the 36-story, John Ronan-designed tower 151 North Franklin is starting to crumble, little bit by little bit. For now, it’s looking more like a game of Reverse Tetris than a demolition site, but we’re betting the whole thing’s gone before it knew what hit it.

Location: 151 North Franklin Street, The Loop

Author: Daniel Schell

Daniel Schell is a West Loop social media addict who lives for Cubs baseball, good pizza, and big cities. If you bump into him on the street, it's likely because he's taking photos instead of watching where he's going, and he apologizes.

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