Chicago Welcomes Wanda — Its New 1,151-Foot-Tall Bride

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

Rendering of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

The Chicago Plan Commission has voted to approve the Wanda Vista Tower, the new 11-hundred-foot-tall residential and hotel skyscraper planned for 381 East Wacker Drive on the northern edge of Lakeshore East.

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

Rendering of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

It’s Chicago’s most anticipated supertall tower since the last one, which ended up not getting built.  Not just “not getting built,” the Chicago Spire ended up leaving a giant circular acne scar on the city’s beloved lakeshore.  A scar filled with water, trash, and if a certain group of pranksters have their way, walleye.

To recap what you already know, Wanda is designed to be a 95-story supertower with 406 luxe condos topping 169 hotel rooms.  The entire building will straddle Upper and Lower North Field Boulevard as it finally completes the road loop around Lakeshore East.  The design architect is Studio Gang, with friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture serving as architect of record.  The developer is Magellan Development (as “Parcel C LLC”), and the money comes from the Wanda Group, which is run by Wang Jianlin, the richest man in China.

For a ton more information on the nitty gritties of the Wanda Tower, see our June, 2015 article Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Wanda Vista Tower.

Since we first started following the Wanda Vista Tower project, there has been some confusion about exactly how many floors it would be.  We originally reported 95.  Later, the Chicago Tribune reported it would be 93, and most publications decided to follow their lead.  We are returning to the use of 95 stories (plus 5 LL floors) because the building is organized as 93 numbered stories, but also includes two mezzanine levels, for a total of 95.

For even more details, we turn to the dispatches of Loop Spy Daniel, who sent us these further nuggets via our tip line:

Wanda Vista Tower model (Courtesy of Loop Spy Daniel)

Wanda Vista Tower model (Courtesy of Loop Spy Daniel)

  • Anticipated groundbreaking: May, 2016
  • Anticipated residential occupancy: 2020
  • Potential owners are being offered a discount (about 13%) if they put 10% down now, and another 5% in 18 months
  • Residential lobby won’t be on East Wacker Drive; it will be on East Waterside Drive, facing the Park at Lakeshore East
  • Hotel is floors 2 through 11, but shares space with condo owners’ storage
  • There will be a joint hotel-condo amenities floor on level 13, similar to the one shared by residents and hotel guests nearby at Aqua
  • Shared hotel gusts/residents amenities:
    • Two restaurants
    • Bar
    • Exercise room
    • Day spa and salon
    • Indoor pool
    • Garden terrace
    • Children’s play room
  • There will be a residents-only amenities floor on level 47
  • Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

    Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

    Level 47 includes:

    • Private training room
    • Massage rooms
    • Saunas
    • Theater
    • Kitchen
    • Private dining room
    • Music room
    • Private wine storage and tasting room
    • Game room
    • Children’s play room
    • Lounge areas
    • Pool
    • Hot tub
    • Fire pit
  • Other amenities:
    • Valet parking
    • Package acceptance
    • Package delivery
    • Concierge
    • Bicycle storage
    • Bicycle valet
    • Enclosed dog run
    • Storage units
    • Internet included
  • Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

    Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

    On floors 14-46 there are nine condominiums per floor

  • On floors 48 through 70 there are four condominiums per floor
  • On floors 71 through 92 there is just one condominium per floor
  • The residence on floor 92 is not a full-floor condominium like the ones on 71-91; it shares space with the mechanical systems
  • 93rd floor is mechanical systems
  • One bedroom residences: 1,160-1,300 square feet — $900,000-$1,500,000
  • Two bedroom residences: 1,700-2,400 square feet — $1,300,000-$2,500,000
  • Three bedroom residences: 2,200-2,600 square feet — $1,500,000-$5,500,000
  • Four bedroom residences: $4,600,000-$7,000,000
  • Full-floor residences: $9,000,000-$18,000,000
  • Residential parking: 311 spaces in the Wanda Vista Tower and The Regatta
  • Hotel parking: 54 spaces in the Wanda Vista Tower
  • Parking is not included in the price of the condominium, but if you do buy parking you can also choose to buy valet parking
  • Anticipated monthly assessments: $480-$9,200

Location: 381 East Wacker Drive, The Loop


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