With Controversy Down, Twin Towers Can Go Up

Logan Square towers

Construction is in the early stages at the Logan Square towers.

Many a teeth were gnashed and many a word were written about the forthcoming “twin-towers” project for the Logan Square neighborhood. Honestly though. we’re over it. You’re more than welcome to go back through our coverage of the community meetings (here and here) if you’d like, but from now on, this space will concentrate on the work being done to move this project forward.

Approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in April, and permitted for foundation work, then erection, in August and September, respectively, the confusing development consists of one project with two buildings on three addresses.

Okay, it’s actually just two addresses. But with both towers sitting prominently in the 2200 block of North Milwaukee Avenue, you’d think they’d be identified with that busy street. But for the time being, send your cards and letters to:

2733 West Belden Avenue, the 12-story structure at the north end of the “block” (check the map below; this is a weird-shaped lot)


2210 North Washtenaw Avenue, the 11-story counterpart at the south end.

1st Ward alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno got this project through to fruition by talking developer Rob Buono down from 15 stories in the north tower, and by working with the developer toward including 15% affordable units across the apartments, far exceeding the city’s ten-percent Affordable Requirements Ordinance. The glassy, Wheeler Kearns Architects-designed towers will certainly stand out in a neighborhood in need of an updating.

Location: 2733 West Beldon Avenue, Logan Square

Author: Daniel Schell

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