645 West Madison is Still a Thing

Model of 645 West Madison

Model of 645 West Madison

With so many buildings being proposed, revised, approved, built, and opened in Chicago all the time, it can be hard to keep up with all the activity.  Sometimes a building slips through the cracks and the next thing you know, it’s either silently cancelled, or suddenly there’s a crane where there was no crane before.

Neither of those are true for the modest red building proposed for 645 West Madison.  It doesn’t have a crane.  But the good news is that even though we haven’t heard much about it in a year, it’s certainly not cancelled.  bKL Architecture’s Thomas Kerwin confirms, “Hines is actively courting tenants. The constant news of companies moving their headquarters to Chicago from the suburbs and other cities bodes well for that project.”

The 20-story building is expected to have about a half-million square feet of space.  It will take the place of a surface parking lot between the A ComEd substation made up to look like a real building, and the Old Saint Patrick’s Church campus.  This is within the borders of the actual West Loop, not the “West Loop” borders that real estate agents draw with crayons in order to sell condos to out-of-town hipsters.

Mr. Kerwin believes that even though it’s a 20-story office building next to a pair of 50-story residential towers, it will be noticed.  And not just because of its red color.  “It’s going to have a good presence, because it’s right along the expressway. So the views are pretty open. There’s excellent views north and west and there’s pretty good east views through the gaps in Presidential Towers.”

645 West Madison

The parking lot in question, as seen from our West Loop bureau. Nary a tear shall be shed when it goes bye-bye.

Location: 645 West Madison Street, West Loop

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