Prairie Court Not Yet Brought To Order In Prairie District

Prairie Court

The sign for Prairie Court Townhomes still on site is a good sign.

We spent a good bit of time around the Prairie Avenue District over the past week or so. Once we finished gawking at the big equipment along Cermak Road, we headed back north a bit, to the intersection of Prairie Avenue and 18th Street, to see what, if anything, was happening with the new Prairie Court townhome development.

Prairie Court

A sales trailer. With a project sign on it. Another good sign.

It should come as no big surprise to find a rather large lot of nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. There are still a couple signs advertising the “coming soon” luxury properties. And there’s a sales trailer on site too, which is almost always an indicator activity is imminent. But since there are no construction permits on file yet from the City of Chicago, it didn’t even make sense that we thought we might see some activity.

But not to worry. We’re told early February should bring the news about Prairie Court we’re waiting to hear. Will there still be the previously-reported 62 townhomes? Give us a couple more weeks, keep watching this space, and hopefully there will be progress to tell you about soon.

Location: 1712 South Prairie Avenue, Prairie Avenue District

Author: Daniel Schell

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