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Hotels On Jefferson Are A Movin’ on Up

108 North Jefferson under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Kurt)

108 North Jefferson under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy Kurt)

The hotel sandwich that construction crews are assembling at 108 North Jefferson Street has its foundation in the ground, and is reaching for the stars (apologies to the late Casey Kasem).  West Loop Spy Kurt hit the tip line with a new set of photographs showing the progress of what will eventually be one hotel squatting… sitting… perched on top of another hotel.

The project designed by VOA replaces a previous idea for that location which involved 45 stories of offices and apartments.  Instead, Jupiter Realty decided to go with a stacked hotel scheme, similar to the one which was once proposed for Building O, the mysterious Magellan mashup at Lakeshore East, which last year bravely sacrificed some of its height so that the Wanda Vista Tower could eventually soar to 1,144 feet on the edge of the Chicago River.  Try to keep up — there will be a test.

Instead of capitalizing on downtown Chicago’s red hot apartment market, this West Loop building capitalizes on downtown Chicago’s white hot hotel market.  The blue hot currency exchange and yellow hot Dunkin’ Donuts markets are already locked up.  Again, try to stay with me here.

What this means is that one day you’ll be able to check into a 210-room Hampton Inn at 108 North Jefferson Street, then after you’ve jumped on the bed, stolen the batteries from the remote, and thrown all the towels on the bathroom floor you can check out in a huff claiming that the CIA is reading your thoughts through the electrical outlets and demand that the bellman deliver your luggage to your new hotel — the 128-room Homewood Suites, which will be either upstairs or downstairs from the room you just went all rock star on.  Pay attention, they don’t have these kind of travel tips on TripAdvisor.

By our count, the dagwood dormer is up to its 18th floor, meaning that it should top out at 23-stories in the next month or two, and could be ready to start accepting guests late this year.


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Location: 108 North Jefferson Street, West Loop

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