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The Biggest Thing in Small is Coming to a New Old Building on Chicago Avenue

800 North Clark Street (Courtesy of Artefaqs architecture photography)

800 North Clark Street (Courtesy of Artefaqs architecture photography)

The Bush Temple of Music (800 North Clark Street) is the latest Chicago building to experiment with the biggest trend in small living: the micro apartment.

Cedar Street has been issued a permit to transform the former piano superstore into dozens of tiny residences to be known as Flats No. 800.  This is happening just blocks away from where Walton No. 9 is being built on State Street, and where two blocks further on, you can buy Chanel No. 9 at Barneys New York.

The city has approved as many as 101 itty bitty homes to be squeezed into the building, built in 1901 and landmarked one hundred years later, with zero car parking spaces and 60 bicycle parking spaces.  Each micro apartment will be between 350 and 450 square feet, which sounds ridiculous to someone rocking a 3,000+ square foot McMansion in Lake Forest Park.  But speaking as someone who lived for many years in 495 square feet at the John Hancock Center, it’s perfectly doable, especially if you’re young and single.

Flats No. 800 is expected to be kitted out with an amenities deck, so that when you’re going out of your mind in your tiny apartment you can go out of your tiny apartment and get some peace of mind.

Location: 800 North Clark Street, Near North

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