Wrecking Ball Flays Rush University Medical Center’s Jones Building

Jones Building Demolition

Caution: The stairs are out. And don’t even think about using the elevator.

The countdown began in September, when the City of Chicago issued four demolition permits for Rush University Medical Center to tear down four buildings on their west side campus. The oldest of those structures, the Jones Building, is the first to meet the wrecking ball.

Jones Building demolition

The cornerstone, placed in 1888.

Built in 1888 as the Daniel A. Jones Hospital, the Jones Building at 1753 West Congress Parkway became obsolete when Rush completed its state-of-the-art, $575-million facility that opened in 2011. With no more need for the old edifice, nor the other three on the chopping block, and unwilling to pay the costs to maintain them, Rush instead had chosen to destroy them and turn the grounds into green space.

Knowing these buildings are have already been replaced by a modern, amazing hospital facility takes some of the sting out of watching their demise. And so without further ado, we say adieu with a few photos of the demolition process.


Location: 1753 West Congress Parkway, Illinois Medical District

Author: Daniel Schell

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