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Caution: Work Area. Maybe. [u]

205 West Hubbard

Someone spent some time Monday digging up pavement at 205 West Hubbard Street.

We’ve been fooled once before by the surface parking lot at 205 West Hubbard Street in River North. We’ll be darned if anyone’s gonna make us jump to conclusions again.


There is much anticipation for the Hirsch Associates Architecture design ready to take up two lots on this site, “this site” being the southwest corner of Wells and Hubbard Streets. For it is here that Centrum Partners is developing both an eight-story office building, and a 22-story residential tower.

Back in August, a fence was erected around the perimeter of the east lot, and construction equipment took over the space. However, many a tear were shed when the fence came down and the equipment went home, having been there only to do some work on the overhead L tracks that snake through this block, rather than the foundation digging everyone was hoping to see. Just as quickly as they disappeared, the cars all returned to their rightful daily spaces.

But something has changed over the past week or two. Normally a very busy destination for Loop commuters, this parking venue has been devoid of cars. Generally speaking, a parking lot that isn’t being used for parking can no longer be considered a parking lot. Can it?

Still, perhaps it’s best we all take a deep breath and see exactly what’s going on before we declare this a full-fledged construction zone. As of this morning, the City of Chicago has issued no building permits for the site. But come on. Who tears up their parking lot unless it’s no longer needed for, you know, parking?

We were right to say “maybe.” As it turns out, crews are scraping the east lot because of soil sampling results. That’s why there wasn’t a foundation permit magically appearing under our tree, because this is soil work, not caisson work. But we’re told to expect that permit within the next two weeks.



Location: 205 West Hubbard Street, River North

Author: Daniel Schell

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