Wabbit Season is Over and Streeterville’s Gone to the Dogs

Missing rabbit and wanted coyote poster

It’s been a week since rabbit hunting season ended in Illinois, but one of Streeterville’s newest residents hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

Social media has been ablaze lately with videos of a coyote running around the empty field at the heart of the Chicago neighborhood more commonly associated with jackhammers than jackals. Dr. Robert L Vogelzang, of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine sent us an amazing set of photos showing the lupine interloper lingering where the Lakeside Veterans Administration Hospital once stood.

The former Lakeside VA Hospital being disassembled in 2008

The former Lakeside VA Hospital being disassembled in 2008

The hospital was torn down in 2008, and since then Northwestern has been sitting on the land.  While neighbors have suggested that it be turned into a temporary public park, the property is instead surrounded by an iron fence, while a simulated prairie grows inside.

That prairie is likely the reason that the wily coyote had the genius to frequent this field.  Like many other spaces in Chicago, it’s bursting with bunnies.  From the Tribune printing plant to the planters in front of the Aon Center, rabbits live in all kinds of nooks and crannies in downtown Chicago.  The fact that they’ve become hasenpfeffer amid the high-rises is just the circle of life.

Enjoy Dr. Vogelzang’s photos.

Northwestern Coyote-827


Location: 333 East Huron Street, Streeterville

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