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The Hudson May Now Proceed Upward

The Hudson

Rebar dominates the landscape, for now, at The Hudson.

If you notice The Hudson with a little extra swagger in its step this week, there’s good reason. This proclamation from the City of Chicago arrived Friday:


New construction 25 story mixed use high rise consisting of retail at the first floor, parking at basement through the 3rd floor and dwelling units at floors 3 through 25 with amenity spaces at floors 3 and 4.750 NORTH HUDSON STREET
And with those words, the contractors and developers at the two-hat wearing Onni Group may continue onward and upward at 750 North Hudson Avenue. The project broke ground in August after receiving a foundation permit in July.
One feature of The Hudson will be a pocket park on the west end of the development, along Kingsbury Street. But as far as green space is concerned, have a gander at all that green rebar on site. Though it’s a safe assumption that won’t be visible for long.
Pappageorge Haymes Partners has designed a 25-story tower in River North that will deliver 240 new apartments to the neighborhood. Eschewing the usual studio and convertible units, and turning a solid thumbs down to micro-units, The Hudson will only provide actual bedrooms to its future tenants, in the form of one-, two-, and three-bed abodes.
240 parking spaces go along with those 240 apartments. If you’ll recall from our update back in December, that’s a one-to-one ratio. the 375,000-square-foot project will include 10,000 square feet of retail space along Chicago Avenue, stretching the length of Hudson to Kingsbury. Renters will also enjoy two floors of amenity deck space.

Location: North Hudson Avenue, River North

Author: Daniel Schell

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