Permit in Hand, Buck Wastes No Time on New CNA Center

151 North Franklin under construction

Well, that was fast.

It was just this past Friday afternoon that the city bestowed upon the John Buck Company and its contractors permission to build the new CNA Center at 151 North Franklin Street.  Then, bright screaming early Monday morning, the northeast corner of Franklin and Randolph Streets started filling up with heavy equipment.

I’ve got laundry sitting in the dryer longer than that.

A fleet of flatbeds started unloading slewing platforms, booms, crawler tracks, a bulldozer, and more even methods of mechanical mayhem.

When completed, the skyscraper will have all of the usual amenities, like a miniature convenience store, a fitness center, and windows.  But it is only the second skyscraper in downtown Chicago to come with solar panels on the roof out of the box.  The only other one we can think of is the Pepsico building in the West Loop, which also harbors a rank of wind turbines and a secret public garden.

Location: 151 North Franklin Street, The Loop

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