Construction Update
The Wheel on the Pier Goes Round and Round

New Navy Pier Ferris wheel under construction

If you read the headline, you now have that song stuck in your head.

There’s snow on the ground, but construction crews at Navy Pier are giving us a taste of summer.

You’ll remember that last year the 20-year-old Ferris wheel on Navy Pier was dismantled and shipped off to Branson, Missouri so that a newer, bigger, better, climate-controlled-ier wheel could be erected in its place.  The actual wheel portion was assembled a few weeks ago, and now the cabins are being hung with care.

Previously, riding the Navy Pier wheel subjected you to all sorts of indignities, from rain to wind to bird poop.  The cars of the new observation wheel not only 50 climb feet higher than the old one, they’re also 50 degrees warmer.  Or cooler.  Or whatever is needed because they’re climate controlled.  So McPier can make money off of the wheel year-round.  The conveyances are also larger than before, allowing 180 more people to go around at a time.


Location: 600 East Grand Avenue, Streeterville

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