Construction Update
The Sinclair Doubles Down On Building Upward

The Sinclair tower crane

A tower grows through it. The Sinclair construction site, that is.

We love field trips at Chicago Architecture. There’s nothing we enjoy more than turning off the coffee maker and closing up the West Loop bureau for a day out on the town. And since Monday was pretty and sunny, we deemed it a good hooky day. We packed up the snacks and juice boxes and headed to the SOM-gem John Hancock Center for some sight-seeing.

The Sinclair tower cranes

The last known photo of the Pre-Crane Era of The Sinclair construction.

Visitors to 360 Chicago, the observation deck on the Hancock’s 94th floor, have sweeping views of scores of construction sites around town, which we’re sure is what makes it such a popular place. We immediately headed to the northwest corner and took a few shots of The Sinclair construction site at 1201 North LaSalle Street in the Gold Coast. Strange thing is, when we came back around to that same corner about an hour later, and looked at the site again, there was a new addition: a tower crane!

Naturally, we ran outside for a closer look. And if you thought seeing the first crane was exciting, imagine our surprise to see a second tower crane! Okay, so it’s not Oprah giving away cars, but still, two tower cranes on one job site is a pretty cool — well — job sight.

It was a busy day for work toys for McHugh Construction at The Sinclair. Turns out, Equipment Assembly Day is a good day to top by. Have a look for yourself:

Location: 1201 North LaSalle Street, Gold Coast

Author: Daniel Schell

Daniel Schell is a West Loop social media addict who lives for Cubs baseball, good pizza, and big cities. If you bump into him on the street, it's likely because he's taking photos instead of watching where he's going, and he apologizes.

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