Another Marquee Lights Up Chicago’s Theater District

The Marquee at Block 37

The Marquee at Block 37

Lots of apartment buildings claim to be “in the center of it all.”  But 90% of the time that’s just real estate agent hype.  This time, it’s for real.  The Marquee at Block 37 has started leasing, allowing people to live across the street from such important Chicago landmarks as Macy’s on State, the Oriental Theater, Daley Plaza, and the Lavazza where hundreds of Chicago Architecture articles have been written over the years.

Marquee at Block 37 Logo

It’s a logo, not a lawn dart. Those are illegal. Poor little Timmy.

The Marquee at Block 37 shouldn’t be confused with that other Marquee residential tower on Michigan Avenue in the South Loop.  This one actually sits atop a movie theater, and if you get the right apartment, has views of the Theater District’s other marquees.  With a small “m.”

More importantly, the opening of The Marquee at Block 37 caps the very long and seemingly sisyphean conversion of Block 37 from a bunch of rundown storefronts and a seedy bus station into a not too shabby shopping mall, a busy office tower, a shiny residential block, and mothballed high speed rail station.  All it took was 27 years of patience.

Now celebrate by going down to Magnolia Bakery.  Those foo foo cupcakes aren’t going to eat themselves.

Location: 25 West Randolph Street, The Loop

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