Proposed Streeterville Hotel Gets a Haircut

237 East Ontario (Courtesy of Valerio Dewalt Train)

The 24-story version of 237 East Ontario (Courtesy of Valerio Dewalt Train)

The hotel proposed for 237 East Ontario Street in Streeterville has always been described as a “limited service” hotel. Now that hotel’s height is getting a little limiting.

237 East Ontario (Courtesy of Valerio Dewalt Train)

24-story version of 237 East Ontario (Courtesy of Valerio Dewalt Train)

According to neighborhood group SOAR, the Tishman Realty building designed by Valerio Dewalt Train has been reduced from 24 stories to 22 stories.  The overall height has come down from 262 feet to 250 feet.

The reduction in floors may mean fewer rooms, which would be a relief to SOAR.  In the last decade, Streeterville has grown beyond the capacity of its street grid.  It is common for gridlock conditions to form, even outside of rush hours, as a crush of tourists, office workers, students, residents, and hospital visitors try to squeeze in and out of the maze of skyscraper canyons.

The taller version of the hotel tried to address the traffic situation by moving access to an off-street alley.  Whether the new design goes further towards reducing its impact remains to be seen.

When the hotel was 24 stories, 19 floors were hotel rooms. Assuming no change in amenities, the number of hotel floors could be reduced to 17. The old number of hotel rooms was 395.  We’ll leave the math for the new version to you.


Location: 237 East Ontario Street, Streeterville


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