Take a Turn Designing an (not “the”) Obama Presidential Library

An early proposal for the Obama Presidential Center that won't become reality

An early proposal for the Obama Presidential Center that won’t become reality

While the Jedi battle the Sith in federal court over where to put the still-coming-to-Chicago-for-now Lucas Museum (you can decide which side is which), another major new museum is chugging along with little opposition or fanfare.

President Obama’s library —to be known as the Obama Presidential Center (OPC) — will be built eventually on the south side of Chicago.  Who will design the building is still being decided, but chances are it won’t be you.  Or will it?

A West Town organization called Builtworlds is holding a contest for Ordinary Joes to come up with designs for the new Obama museum.  Why should you bother?  Apparently there’s ten grand on the line.  So fire up your Koala Painter or Dazzle Draw or whatever the kids are using these days and get scribblin’!

Linky: Crowdsourcing a New Presidential Center

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