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A Permit Frozen In Time

373 North Morgan Permit

The Building Permit for 373 North Morgan Street.

It is a requirement of the City of Chicago that a building permit be displayed in plain view on every active construction site. You may have to walk the entire perimeter of a project, but you’ll see it eventually. It’s often posted on the fencing, though there are sometimes bulletin board-type setups with permits, safety information, etc.

The permit shown in the photo above is for a development at 373 North Morgan Street, in the Meat Packing District of West Town. As you can see, a warehouse is to be built, with 44 dwelling units over top of said warehouse. A bit of an unusual project, but not unheard of. Now, you may consider it a tad more unusual that we’re showing you a permit from June 20th of 2000, but since this is a Throwback Thursday discussion, that should have been expected.

However, here’s the part that really is unusual; this permit is STILL ON SITE. Of course,┬áit’s not posted on the site of a newish-looking warehouse with 44 residential units above. Nope. It’s on a site that remains pretty much empty. 15+ years later. We spotted some work being done here last fall, and thought the wheels were finally in motion. But nope. No new permits could be found, and crews were gone just as quickly as they appeared.

373 North Morgan

Work being done on the site back in November seemed like a promising step forward.



373 North Morgan

This is the work accomplished back in November, as it looks today.

Location: 373 North Morgan Street, Meat Packing District

Daniel Schell

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  1. This site is one of the most puzzling in all of Chicago. There were stories about the developer and payout to people within City Hall, but that’s only half the story. Despite work not being done at that site for more than half a decade, between June of 2011 and September 2013, someone added 224 and 10 rows of red brick along Morgan. Why? The building shell was no closer to being completed, in fact, the opposite. Shortly thereafter, the partially built walls of the second story collapsed onto the floor itself. A ton, literally, of materials were on site, so where did the money stop? Lastly, who is doing the latest construction? The demolition I thought was just for safety, but that last picture is the most intriguing part. There’s what looks like a foundation for a retaining wall that matches the height of Kinzie street. What are those “tails” in between the rebar and Kinzie street? Also, again who ponies up the money for this work to stop half way through? What the heck is going on?!

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