Old Astrolab Building Lost In Space

Demolition at 61 West Erie Street (Courtesy of Near North Spy Trent)

Demolition at 61 West Erie Street (Courtesy of Near North Spy Trent)

As much as people in Los Angeles hate to admit it, Chicago was once the movie capital of the world.  That was back before 3D.  Before THX.  Before color and sound.  Even though Hollywood is the undisputed leader in filmed entertainment these days, some bits of the industry still remain in the Windy City.  Except one.

Last week, demolition began at 61 West Erie Street, the former Astrolab Building.  This was the location of a film processing lab tied to such productions as The Dark Knight and The Break Up.  Near North Spy Trent spanked our tip line with photographs of it being torn asunder to make way for another downtown condo blockette.

We were first to tell you about the new building being put up at 61 West Erie.  It’s being built for LG Development and is going to be ten residences over eight floors.  It was designed by HPA Architecture.   The new building will also feature a dozen parking spaces on the ground floor and be linked to the 1914 building next door.

Location: 61 West Erie Street, Near North Side

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