The 4OneOne on 3Eleven

Rendering of 3Eleven

Rendering of 3Eleven

Earlier this year, the city of Chicago approved the construction of a new residential tower at 311 West Illinois in River North (though you’d never know it since Alderman Reilly hasn’t updated his web site yet in 2016).  It’s a partnership between the John Buck Company and the Order of Friars Servants of Mary, USA Province.  Buck gets to build a shiny new skyscraper called 3Eleven in the parking lot of Assumption Roman Catholic Church.  The Friars, who own the church, get a renovated and expanded priory.  And everybody’s happy.

Our spies have been lingering around the block more often these days, but to date haven’t caught any signs of construction starting.  Until then, here’s a 3Eleven firehose:

  • Legal address: 301-331 West Illinois Street
  • Legal address: 440-448 North Franklin Street
  • Legal address: 441-449 North Orleans Street
  • Mailing address: 311 West Illinois Street
  • Developer: Illinois Franklin LLC
  • For realsies: The John Buck Company
  • Tower architecture firm: FitzGerald Associates
  • Priory architecture firm: McBride Kelley Baurer Architects
  • Amount paid for transit improvements for height bonus: $1,106,992
  • Amount paid for affordable housing (AHO and density bonus): $1,106,992
  • Amount paid to help renovate Marina City for adopt-a-landmark bonus: $1,106,992
  • Tower floor area ratio: 15.2
  • Tower residences: 245
  • Tower parking spaces: 109
  • Tower bicycle parking spaces: 50
  • Tower loading docks: one
  • Tower maximum height: 298 feet
  • Tower width: 100 feet
  • Tower length: 153 feet
  • Tower floors: 24
  • Priory maximum height: 69 feet

Rendering of 3Eleven

Location: 311 West Illinois Street, River North

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