Viceroy Hotel Construction Looks Up

Viceroy Hotel Cedar

Rendering of the Viceroy Chicago

It’s easy to be a crane enthusiast in Chicago these days. Gone are the days when the erection of a new crane was as rare as a Cubs win. These days construction cranes crowd the skyline like food trucks outside Chase Tower.

The next one to go up is on the Gold Coast, where a permit has been issued for a “FREE STANDING LIEBHERR 316 EC-H 12 LITRONIC TOWER CRANE.” The specifications aren’t important to most people, but we include them for those of you who get all Rule 34 about construction cranes. Yes, that’s actually a thing.

The new tower crane popping up at 1118 North State Street on Viagra Triangle will aid in the erection of the Viceroy Hotel. That’s the new name for the old Hotel Cedar, which has been eviscerated and is being replaced with a shiny Goettsch Partners-designed boutique hostelry. The old building’s four story facade will be pasted onto the new glass and steel tower to provide some semblance of the old neighborhood charm in an area where brick and timber is yielding to glass and steel at an alarming rate.

The Viceroy’s HQ promises the 18-story boutique hotel will open in 2017.

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