Hubbard Street Scene Getting More People, Less Parking

Diagram of 430 North LaSalle/142 West Hubbard

Diagram of 430 North LaSalle/142 West Hubbard

The party scene on Hubbard Street is getting a few hundred more visitors. A new hotel has been proposed for the parking lot at the northwest corner of Hubbard and LsSalle.

430 North LaSalle will rise 17 stories into the River North sky, directly across the street from the 45-story 400 North LaSalle condominium tower.

The architecture firm is a new one to our ears: Saroki Architecture, out of Birmingham, Michigan.  If you’re unfamiliar with Birmingham, it can be described as deep deep deep deep suburban Detroit.  According to its web site, most of Saroki’s commercial experience thus far has been in restaurants, supermarkets, and small hotels.   Perhaps if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere, and we’ll see a lot more of that name.

In case you’re worried about the little pub to the north at 444 North LaSalle, don’t fret.  It’s not part of this project.

Open wide. Here comes the firehose:

  • Address: 430 North LaSalle Street
  • Address: 142 West Hubbard Street
  • Developer: Porritt Group
  • Architecture firm: Saroki Architecture
  • Architect: Victor Saroki
  • Maximum height: 200 feet
  • Height to roof: 190 feet
  • Levels: 18
  • Width: 93 feet
  • Length: 100 feet
  • Gross site area: 24,210 square feet
  • Net site area: 10,575 square feet
  • Floor space: 128,380 square feet
  • Base floor area ratio: 7.0
  • Affordable housing bonus: 1.75
  • Adopt-a-Landmark bonus: 1.4
  • Transit infrastructure improvements bonus: 1.4
  • Upper level setback bonus: .59
  • Total floor area ratio: 12.14
  • Hotel rooms: 199
  • Levels two through 15 will have 14 rooms per floor
  • Level 16 will have three rooms
  • 18: Mechanical
  • 17: Outdoor terrace (south facing), lounge, mechanical
  • 16: Hotel rooms, gym, pool, meeting rooms
  • 2-15: Hotel rooms
  • 1: Lobby, restaurant
  • Parking: zero
  • Bicycle parking: zero
  • Loading docks: one
  • Ground floor restaurant
  • Lobby on West Hubbard Street
  • Loading dock on north alley
  • Green roof alert! 5,147 square feet

Location: 430 North LaSalle Street, River North

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