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Long List of Building Permits Signals the Start of Prairie Court

Prairie Court

Insert Prairie Court townhomes here.

Patience. They say it’s a virtue. Whether or not that’s true, patience is a good quality to have when it comes to development around Chicago.

Take this post from January, for example, when we walked to the corner of Prairie Avenue and 18th Street in the South Loop. We had no hunches. No tips from the tip lines. Not even a rumor to go on. But still we went, in the hopes something might be happening on the lot where the infamous XO condominiums were once almost going to stand.

Well, we can’t say we’ve been particularly patient, but we got what we were hoping for. In fact, we got nine of what we were hoping for. On Thursday the 31st, the City of Chicago issued nine building permits that say Prairie Court can begin construction on the now-empty aforementioned lot. All nine permits are for four-story structures with townhomes divvied up thusly:

Building 1: Seven units at 1736 South Prairie Avenue and 220-232 East 18th Street.

Building 2: Nine units at 1702 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 3: Nine units at 1626-1646 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 4: Five units at 1720 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 5: Five units at 1718 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 6: Five units at 1700 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 7: Five units at 1648 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 8: Five units at 1634 South Prairie Avenue.

Building 9: Five units at 1632 South Prairie Avenue.

That’s 55 units in all, with private garages for each of them. The joint effort by Golub & Company and Sandz Development is designed by Mark Sullivan of Chicago’s Sullivan Goulette and Wilson. @Properties has been handling the marketing chores, and put a sales trailer on site several months ago. Richard Builders, of North Halsted Street in Lincoln Park, will serve as the general contractor. No word yet on when shovels might actually pierce the soil for Prairie Court, but as you know by now, we don’t mind walking down there to check on it now and then, so stay tuned.

Prairie Court

This eyesore was pulverized to make room for Prairie Court, so townhomes will certainly be an improvement.








Location: 1736 South Prairie Avenue, South Loop

Author: Daniel Schell

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