Tip Line Yields More Details About 165 North Des Plaines

Rendering of 165 North Des Plaines

Rendering of 165 North Des Plaines

“The tip line, she runneth over,” famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot never said.  That’s because he didn’t work at Chicago Architecture.  And because he wasn’t real. He was just a recurring protagonist in Agatha Christie books. But the point remains, that the little tip line has been particularly fruitful these days, stimulating the little gray cells beyond words.  Some items we can share. Others are stored in Miss Lemon’s files to be combined with other clues about what’s going on in this city.

One of the items disgorged from the tip line recently was plans for a new residential block at 165 North Desplaines Street.  We spilled the beans about it last week. This week, it’s time for the smoky maple-flavored sauce.  Here are the new details:

  • Developer: Gerding Edlin
  • Construction: Power Construction
  • April, 2016: Start of demolition of the rear of 156 North Jefferson Street
  • May, 2016: Haymarket Memorial removed and put into storage
  • May, 2016: Demolition complete
  • May, 2016: New building construction begins
  • August, 2016: Tower crane installation
  • February, 2017: Superstructure complete
  • April, 2017: Tower crane removal
  • August, 2017: Haymarket Memorial replaced
  • September, 2017: Construction complete

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Location: 165 North Desplaines Street, West Loop

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