First Paw Prints of Pelli Clarke Pelli’s Wolf Point South

Wolf Point South pre-construction

They’re not drilling for oil! (Courtesy of Loop Spy Chris)

Wolf Point rendering

The new Wolf Point rendering embiggened for your pleasure.

Hardly a fortnight goes by when we don’t receive an e-mail from someone seeking information on when we might see some activity on the skyscraper known as Wolf Point South. Apparently, having River Point and 150 North Riverside being built across the river isn’t enough for them. Since that little leftover bit of umbilical cord dried up and fell off of Wolf Point West, things just haven’t been the same around the ol’ confluence.

Well, there is good news for those hoping for a return to three skyscrapers under construction at Consumption Junction. Loop Spy Chris was gazing out his office window instead of working on that TPS Report when he spotted soil sampling trucks diligently dipping their wicks into whatever horrors 200 years of industrial development and neglect might have hidden below the surface. And like any good, red-blooded American he soldiered up to the Chicago Architecture Tip Line to let us know so we can let you know. And now you know.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news from official sources on Pelli Clarke Pelli’s Wolf Point South, but when completed it’s expected to be 950 feet tall, with 70 stories of offices and hotel rooms. There has been some speculation on the intarwebs that the revised design of the building may make it even taller. Skyscraper nerds across Chicagoland are crossing their fingers, toes, and vestigial tails hoping it tops 1,000 feet. But even if it doesn’t, 950 is nothing to sneeze at. That’s still enough to land it in the list of Chicago’s ten tallest buildings — at least temporarily.

Wolf Point West under construction

Wouldja lookit dis? How nice it’s become!

For those of you who haven’t been over to Wolf Point lately, we’d like to draw your attention to the edges of the photo sent in by Spy Chris. You can see what a nice job our brothers-from-another-mother, bKL Architecture, did with the plaza and public spaces. There’s some nice grassy stadium seating, perfect for noontime picnics and river watching; a broad, curving riverwalk with plenty of benches; a nice walking path among what appear to be birches along the east side of the building — trés romantic when illuminated at night; and some sloping dirt parts that will likely be transformed into something better in the very near future. A little pachysandra can work wonders.

With a little luck, those riparian areas along the edges will be filled with reeds and ducks and tiny little fish by the end of the summer. And the sand pit next door will have a new tower crane to look down at the sandhill cranes hunting those tiny fish in the rocks. It’s the circle of life.

Wolf Point South pre-construction

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of River North? Only the Shadow knows!

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