New Loop Building to Imitate Look of Old Wabash

Drawing of 171 North Wabash

Drawing of 171 North Wabash

Last week we told you that the project destined for 171 North Wabash Street in The Loop had a new developer, and a new purpose.  Now we can tell you, it will also have a touch of the same old thing, as well.

171 North Wabash was originally envisioned as a companion building to the new skyscraper around the corner called Experience 73 (73 East Lake Street).  At the time it was proposed, the idea was that it the new building would  blend in with the older buildings that currently line Wabash Avenue to help maintain the character of the corridor.  Well, even though it has a new developer, and is going to be apartments instead of offices, the design idea remains.  In the rendering above, you can see it’s all red brick and terra cotta, the way things used to be.  So… mission accomplished there.

Other things to know about this Ogden Partners building are that it will have seven stories and 60 residences.  Parking?  Go make friends with the neighbors.  There’s a garage next door and two across the street.


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