▶ Tuesday Trivia: New Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Statistics


Navy Pier got summer off to a rolling start with the debut of the new Centennial Wheel over the Memorial Day weekend.  Thousands of people lined up to plonk down $15 a piece to be gently carried 190 feet into the air over Chicago’s lakefront and returned safely to the carnival below.

If you didn’t get a chance to go, or you’re waiting until winter to take advantage of the $3 Illinois resident discount, the video above from McHugh Construction will give you the flavor of the wheel, without having to rub elbows with the hoi polloi.

McHugh also sent over a list of statistics about the Centennial Wheel.  And you know how we love lists!

  • 26.5 million: Price, in dollars, of the new Centennial Wheel
  • 48,000: Weight, in pounds, of the Centennial Wheel’s axle
  • 22,000: Weight, in pounds, of each of the round video screens at the wheel’s center
  • 525: The number of tons that the Centennial Wheel weighs.  It’s about twice as heavy as the previous Navy Pier ferris wheel.
  • 500: Cubic yards of concrete used in the Centennial Wheel project
  • 196: The height, in feet, of the Centennial Wheel
  • 150: Depth, in feet, of the pilings holding up the wheel
  • 120: The length, in feet, of each of the Centennial Wheel’s legs
  • 50: Tons of steel used to build the wheel’s support structure, but not including the wheel, itself
  • 8: Number of micropilings under Navy Pier holding up the wheel
  • 6: Number of Centennial Wheel legs
  • 5: Number of cranes that assembled the wheel

Location: 600 East Grand Avenue, Streeterville

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