Now You Can Drink Beer to Rebuild a Chicago Landmark

The Swedish water tower before Old Man Winter dealt it a death blow.

The Swedish water tower before Old Man Winter dealt it a death blow.

Remember that horrible winter a few years ago?  The one when it was so snowy that Lake Shore Drive froze over, Tom Skilling taught us the word “Polar Vortex,” and thousands of people were convinced to U-Haul it to warmer states?  That was also the winter when Chicago water towers started freezing, including the beloved Swedish flag water tower that used to preside over Andersonville.

The Andersonville 87-year-old water tower was so badly damaged by the weather that it had to be taken down.  Last year we reported that the people trying to raise money to put up a replica water tower had raised $100,000.  Now they’re getting help to raise even more money.  Golden, sudsy, full-bodied help.

Anderson Brewing Company had brewed up a seasonal batch of beer its calling “Vattentorn,” which means “water tower” in Swedish.  Anderson Brewing is in the former rec room portion of Hamburger Mary’s at 5400 North Clark Street.  And for every Vattentorn you order, Mary is giving a buck to the Chicago Swedish American Museum.

So if you happen to be in Andersonville, every time you raise your glass and say “skål,” you’ll help raise a new water tower.


Location: 5400 North Clark Street, Andersonville

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