Tennis Courts Adjourned, It’s Time to Elevate Lincoln Park

Demolition of Lincoln Square (Courtesy of Dr. Robert Vogelzang)

Demolition of Lincoln Square (Courtesy of Dr. Robert Vogelzang)

One of Wrightwood Neighbors’ least loved buildings is coming down.

The photos above and below were sent in by Doctor Robert Vogelzang, showing the graffiti-encrusted edifice at 2518 North Lincoln Avenue being forcibly disassembled by an squad of angry yellow machines.  The apartment building, once known as Lincoln Center, must have been quite something back in the day of “key parties,” since the entire back half of it featured a row of private tennis courts.

Soon to rise in its place is a new development called Elevate Lincoln Park.  The project by Baker Development features 191 apartments, 138 parking spaces, and 16,000 square feet of retail space across two joined 11-story high rises.

Baker hopes to complete the project by October of 2017.

Location: 2518 North Lincoln Avenue, Wrightwood Neighbors

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