Throwback Thursday
Chicago Gets Trumped

Trump International Hotel and Tower under construction in 2006

Trump International Hotel and Tower under construction in 2006

Today we burrow into the archive ten years, and come up in 2006, where we find the Trump International Hotel and Tower rising on the north bank of the Chicago River.

It was something of a stunner when the proposal came around to replace the old Chicago Sun-Times building, sending the newspaper packing.  This was before the Great Recession, and even though the rise of internet news and information sites like Jeeves, Yahoo!, and Ask had revived the 1980’s mantra of “print is dead,” newspapers were still seen as immutable institutions, like banks were in the 1970’s.

But the Sun-Times did decamp for the oft-renamed River North Point, and hoisted its standard half-way up the building, marking the division between it and the Holiday Inn that squats on top of it.  The Trump building rose, and just as people were starting to get used to it, appreciate it for its own beauty, and forgive the scar it put into the city’s skyline, came The Great Branding Brouhaha of 2014. But that’s a throwback for another Thursday.

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