You Can Reshape the Clybourn Industrial Corridor Without Getting Off Your Butt

The Clybourn PMD1 social map

The Clybourn PMD1 social map

Thousands of people are interested in what’s going to become of PMD1 — The Clybourn industrial corridor on the north side of Chicago that will soon be redeveloped.  Tens of thousands of people will be affected by the decisions made, including people who live nearby, commute through the area, or are drawn to its shops and the Chicago River.

The city is currently holding a series of public meetings about the future of PMD1. But not everyone can go to a public meeting.  And while Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins and 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith did an awesome job by streaming the first meeting live on the interwebs (Are you paying attention, Alderman Reilly?), there are still people streaming can’t reach.

So, the city’s Department of Planning and Development has gone full social by putting together a sMap to gather your ideas.

A “sMap” is a — stay with me here — “social map” that allows anyone to add their notations.  In this case, ideas for ways to improve the area, lists of important community assets, and places that they think are ugly, unsafe, or worse.

What an idea on the Clybourn PMD1 social map looks like.

What an idea on the Clybourn PMD1 social map looks like.

To add your ideas to the city’s sMap, cliquez ici and read the simple instructions.  If you see someone else’s idea that you like, you can thumb it.  The map is designed to be easy, so even your elderly mother can do it.  And it’s designed to be convenient, so you can even do it sitting in your un-airconditioned four-flat in your undershorts.

So if you’re a budding urban planner, or just some kind of smarty-pants know-it-all, hit the link and let your ideas flow.

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