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How Are Things Going at Webster Square?

If you’ve read this publication for any amount of time, you’ve noticed that our friend Joe Zekas from YoChicago! likes to get on the roofs of Chicago buildings with his very cool and expensive cameras.  He sees all kinds of things from the vantage points usually reserved for the city’s pigeons.  But something struck him as odd the other day.

And here it is. The photograph of Webster Square on the left was taken in September, 2015.  The one on the right was taken earlier this month.  You might think that it would be farther along in nine months.

To be fair, it looks like the building on the left is still going through its demolition/remediation phase.  And the one on the right has two extra floors.  But since the question was asked, we’re hoping construction experts out there can give us an opinion.

Location: 540 West Webster Avenue, Lincoln Park

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