A Chance to Go On a Real Underground Chicago Tour

Buckingham Fountain

It’s not often that we highlight an architectural tour in this publication.  Especially one that you have to pay for.  The reason is simply because there are dozens of such tours each week, hundreds every month.  But this one is different from the rest.  It lets you see something that very few people get to see.

It’s a tour of the Buckingham Fountain pump room, an underground chamber beneath the city’s art deco centerpoint, and a very thrillingly creepy place, indeed.  It’s almost exclusively the domain of spiders and the occasional repairman, and certainly not frequented by the kind of “urban explorers” that so often crow on social media about their exploits, which are pretty much limited to sniffing glue on the roofs of the city’s abandoned factories while mummy and father are at some North Shore soiree.

The tour is being put on by the Obscura Society of Illinois, and Atlas Obscura.  Tickets aren’t cheap ($35+fees), but it is one of those events that will leave you with a heck of a story to tell.

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