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As Chicago’s Viceroy Hotel Climbs, Some Have to Take the Stairs

Viceroy Hotel under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

Viceroy Hotel under construction (Courtesy of Joe Zekas/YoChicago!)

The hub of Gold Coast activity known as Viagra Triangle is abuzz these days not just with the rumble of exotic sports cars and 19-bar espresso machines, but with construction crews putting together the neighborhood’s newest skyscrapers.

Among them is the one rising at 1118 North State Street, the property formerly known as the Hotel Cedar and sometimes known as the Cedar Hotel.  Well, that confusion is behind us since the new structure is going to be known as the Viceroy.

In 2015, the people behind the Viceroy promised that it would open in 2017; and that seems quite possible considering the current state of construction pictured above.  The photo by Joe Zekas over at YoChicago! shows the building already up to its seventh of 18 floors.  It also shows that not everyone gets to use the elevator at work, with a very prominent temporary staircase bolted to the outside of the structure.

The Viceroy preserves the old Cedar facade.  In the rendering below you can see the new tower designed by Goettsch Partners, and also the old brick building in front.

Rendering of the Viceroy Hotel (Courtesy of  Viceroy Hotel Group)

Rendering of the Viceroy Hotel (Courtesy of Viceroy Hotel Group)

Location: 1118 North State Street, Gold Coast


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  1. The building has some great exterior design elements but i cant deny I would have wanted the tower a bit taller. The way it is now it would be more a “wall flower” then anything iconic for that entertainment intersection.

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