New 20-Story Hotel Proposed for Fulton Market Area

Drawing of 801 West Lake Street

Drawing of 801 West Lake Street

That sizzle you hear drifting across West Town isn’t flame broiled goodness being charred on the roof deck of some hipster dot-com startup’s offices.  It’s the neighborhood’s searing real estate market, that simply cannot build fast enough.

The next big project on the list: A 20-story hotel at 801 West Lake Street.  That’s the southwest corner of Lake and Halsted, just north of Randolph Street and just west of the Kennedy Expressway.  Or you can think of it as across the street from the new Parker Fulton Market residential skyscraper at 171 North Halsted Street.

There’s a slight twist in this proposal, though.  Instead of catering to gustatory tourists sampling Restaurant Row, or salesfolk pitching Google at its Midwest headquarters, this hotel is going to cater to those who need to linger for a while.  It’s going to be an extended stay hotel.

We’re not sure who the developer is just yet.  The paperwork filed with the city lists it as “Partners & Bond LLC,” but a search of the Illinois Secretary of State’s database doesn’t turn up any company by that name.  But maybe we’re doing it wrong.  We’re not too good with this new fangled intarwebs.  Still, we’re going to point our fingers at Shapack Partners, Atlantic Realty, and Focus Development, simply because their logos are all over the paperwork.

Shapack, Focus, and Atlantic have teamed up before.  On the previously-mentioned Parker Fulton Market across the street.  The property is currently a surface parking lot owned by Heneghan Wrecking, which you may have seen tearing down buildings around town.  Check out its web site for one of the most awesome hero images we’ve seen in a long time.

The new hotel is planned to face North Halsted Street, and includes ground floor retail along its north side, facing the CTA’s Green/Pink line elevated tracks.  Above that is the parking garage, which will be hidden behind brickwork to help blend in with the neighborhood.  Atop that are the hotel floors, sheathed in glass.  There will also be a rooftop pool.

Firehose?  You bet!  Here it is:

  • Address: 801 West Lake Street
  • Address: 174 North Halsted Street
  • Developer: Partners & Bond LLC
  • Architecture firm: GREC Architects
  • Floors: 20
  • Maximum height: 240 feet
  • Roof deck height: 220 feet, four inches
  • Floor Are Ratio: 11.5 (7 base + 4.5 Neighborhood Opportunity)
  • Net site area: 15,150 square feet
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund payment: $1,265,328
  • Adopt-a-Landmark payment: $158,166
  • Local Impact Fund payment: $158,166
  • Hotel entrance: On Halsted Street
  • Parking spaces: 50
  • Parking garage access: Via east-west alley on the south side of the property
  • Loading docks: One
  • Loading dock access: Via east-west alley on the south side of the property
  • Green roof alert! 7,338 square feet

Location: 801 West Lake Street, West Town

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