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▶ “CNA” Stands For “Crane Now Arriving”


Well, that was quick.

Just a day after we told you the city of Chicago approved the permits for full construction of the new office tower at 151 North Franklin Street comes another permit — this one for a flippin’ huge crane.

151 N. Franklin St. Permit issued for new construction Phase 1 Temporary construction of World Free Standing Tower Crane Model Potain MR608

Who doesn’t love the MR608?  Especially with its new on-board control system that allows for operation mere minutes after assembly is completed, and the uniquely mounted luffing mechanism and hoist ensures there is plenty of room for operation, even in the tightest of jobsites.

Yes, that was totally lifted from the Manitowoc Cranes web site.  But how often do you get to use the word “luffing” in polite conversation?

In case you didn’t tune in yesterday, 151 North Franklin is a 35-story, 807,000 square foot skyscraper that will go by its Christian name of “CNA Center.”  It was designed by John Ronan of John Ronan Architects and is being developed by John Buck of The John Buck Company on the northeast corner of Randolph and Franklin.  It is a massive extruded form of the squircle, Microsoft’s control mechanism from the Zune.

Inside, there will be just 34 parking spaces for those who qualify as “executive,” and up top look for rooftop solar panels. Check out the video above for more pearls of wisdom.

Rendering of the new CNA Center at 151 North Franklin (Courtesy of the John Buck Company)

Rendering of the new CNA Center at 151 North Franklin (Courtesy of the John Buck Company)



Location: 151 North Franklin Street, The Loop

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