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City Issues First Construction Permit for 93-Story Wanda Vista Tower

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

Rendring of the Wanda Vista Tower (Courtesy of Studio Gang)

Just days after the latest round of soil sampling crews showed up at 375 East Wacker Drive, the city of Chicago has issued the first construction permit for the billion-dollar Wanda Vista Tower.

Permit number 2727451 was issued on August 3rd and gives Magellan Development permission to start work on the massive road-straddling skyscraper’s foundation.  Specifically, it’s caissons.  Here’s a baby firehose:

  • Address: 363 East Wacker Drive
  • Developer: Parcel C LLC
  • For realsies: Magellan Development
  • AOR: Thomas Kerwin
  • Structural engineer: Ron Klemencic
  • General contractor: McHugh Construction

The atonal cacophony of caisson drilling is pretty much the national anthem of Lakeshore East.  It’s hard to find anyone who lives there who hasn’t winced their way through months of a neighboring building’s construction noise.  But that’s the price of progress, and life in the big city.

If you’ve been on a cross-country Amtrak train for the last few years and unable to access TV, radio, or the interwebs, the Wanda Vista Tower is going to be a 93-story building more than 1,100 feet tall, located just across East Wacker Drive from the Chicago River’s main branch.  It gets its name from China’s Dalian Wanda Group, the company paying the bills.  Wanda is a huge global company, but this is its first building in the United States.  Chicago starchitect Jeanne Gang and her Studio Gang are the design architects, and Tom Kerwin and bKL Architecture are the architects of record.

When completed, we’re looking at 200 hotel rooms, 400 residences, and 9,000 square feet of retail space.  Plus a new road connection from East Wacker to the rest of Lakeshore East.


Location: 375 East Wacker Drive, The Loop

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