▶ The Last Video Produced at Harpo Studios Brings the House Down


The only thing as satisfying as watching a good building go up, is watching one come down. And that’s what’s happening over at 1058 West Washington Boulevard, where demolition crews are making quick work of Oprah Winfrey’s former personal town hall.

The Harpo Studios demolition has become something of a very minor tourist attraction, with out-of-towners more than suggesting their hosts swing by the site for a selfie with the rubble that once was the epicenter of daytime talk television. If you see more than the usual number of trolleys and double-decker buses in the area, now you know why.

If you’re too busy to swing by Oprahut, YouTuber Moshe Tamssot has you covered. He posted the video above showing the destruction in all its demoliciousness.

Location: 1058 West Washington Boulevard, West Town

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