Two Crumbs of Stale Information Set Off Wolf Point Feeding Frenzy

Wolf Point West

bKL’s Wolf Point West — the finest skyscraper at Wolf Point

Skyscraper nerds are known for being an excitable bunch.  Whether it’s haranguing developers at Plan Commission meetings, or lecturing old ladies about density at neighborhood teas, they always seem to know everything about everything.  Until they see something new.  Or at least, new to them.

That’s what happened late yesterday when a Canadian web site posted a link to an article in the blog maintained by Epstein Architecture Engineering and Construction in the West Loop.  Epstein is one of a number of companies with a finger in the huge Wolf Point development pie, which is one-third done with the completion of bKL’s Wolf Point West.

Wolf Point rendering

The latest known public rendering of Wolf Point

The blog post mentioned, in passing, some statistics that weren’t previously public:

Currently, Epstein is providing civil engineering services for two new towers on the site, Wolf Point South, a 70-story office & residential tower, and Wolf Point East, a 64-story residential tower.

Those two figures: 70-stories, and 64-stories were enough to set off what Clark Griswold would call “a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency.”  Or in the terminology of the young people these days: OMGWTFBBQ!!11!11eleven!!

The density junkies spent the rest of the day leafing through their glossy Judith Dupré books, daydreaming about the exact number of feet that a 70-story Wolf Point South might be.

But as we know, real estate developers are as tight-lipped as Area 51 employees, and keep their secrets with an equal level of need-to-know, shoot-to-kill, plausible deniability.   So it comes as no surprise that the loose-lipped blog post is gone.  Erased.  404’ed with prejudice.

The question is, why?  Did Epstein notice a sudden flood of asthmatic basement-dwelling Cheeto-stained internet traffic to that one post and realize it let the cat out of the bag?  Did a Kennedy get on the blower and raise hell?  Did Juliette Kinzie roll over in her grave while her ghost rattled chains at 600 West Fulton?

Or maybe it simply wasn’t accurate.  The blog post that the tower nerd community is all breathless about was old.  Like almost a month old.  It was posted in late August.  Numbers change. Figures change.  Elevations change.  70 stories of office becomes 30 stories of condos, 20 stories of hotel, and a sky zoo if that’s what the latest marketing report says will fly.

Until something official-looking comes through official channels, expect to see the 70/64 figures written all over the internet as if they were chiseled on that third tablet Moses dropped coming down Mount Sinai.  Until then, we found this on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server:

Screenshot of Epstein Global blog post.

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