Add St. Boniface to the List of Chicago Holy Places Going Condo

Saint Boniface Church (Courtesy of Daniel Schell/Building Up Chicago)

Saint Boniface Church (Courtesy of Daniel Schell/Building Up Chicago)

Hardly a month goes by that plans don’t surface for one, two, or even three of Chicago’s shuttered churches or synagogues to be converted into new condos or apartments.  The latest name to add to the list: Saint Boniface at 1348 West Chestnut Street in Noble Square.

It was a close call, too.  Preservation groups raised the alarm way back in 2002 that the church, with its pairs of towers facing south and west, would meet with a wrecking ball if something wasn’t done soon.  “Soon” came down to the wire this past Friday, which was the deadline for someone to buy the building for redevelopment, or its previous owner would have it torn down.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it was Stas Development of Wicker Park that stepped up and bought the holy edifice, promising to turn it into residences and a music school.  Stas is run by Stanislav Skoulsky, a Ukrainian immigrant who’s been down this road before.  Stas has plans to turn the former Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at 1300 North Artesian in Humbolt Park into a six-unit condominium building.  Permits for that conversion were issued this past July.

The details of the Saint Boniface plan are still being put together, and must then go through the city approval process.  But for now, at least, the 112-year-old building will live to see a few more birthdays.  Meanwhile, enjoy a little urban decay photography from Daniel over at Building Up Chicago.

Location: 1348 West Chestnut Street, Noble Square

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