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New Streeterville Hotel Goes Green… Not That Kind of Green!

EMC2 Hotel under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Paul)

EMC2 Hotel under construction (Courtesy of Streeterville Spy Paul)

The major buzzword in real estate development for most of the last decade has been green, green, green.  “How green is your building?”  Is the constant question, with the preferred answer being “So green, it’s (LEED} Gold.”

But the new EMC2 Hotel by SMASHotels going up 228 East Ontario Street isn’t just environmentally green.  As you can see in the photograph from Streeterville Spy Paul, it’s actually green.  Like the way the 10 South LaSalle is blue, or the way the current CNA Center is red.

Now before you go writing a strongly-worded letter to the HOA, or SOAR, or your congressman, don’t worry — it’s only temporary.  The green stuff is just insulation, and the building will eventually end up the silver color promised in the renderings from Koo + Associates.  Because we all know that completed building always look exactly like their renderings.

Location: 228 East Ontario Street, Streeterville

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