New Lake View Building Is Ideal for Railfans

If your commute involves riding one of the northern L’s, you may have wondered what they’re going to do with that tiny slip of land south of Belmont Avenue, right next to the Belmont station, the answer shouldn’t surprise you: They’re going to stuff a building in there.

Diagram of 945 West Belmont

Diagram of 945 West Belmont

And by “they,” we mean GW Properties in Goose Island, which plans to wedge a six-story mixed-use building in at 945 West Belmont Avenue, right next to the CTA Belmont Station. Not surprisingly, the new building is going to be classified “Transit Oriented Development,” since the gap between transit platform and bachelor pad will be just ten feet. That means no parking is required for the building, and residents can read the Red Eye headlines of Brown Line commuters paused at the Belmont Station.

At 42 feet wide, it’s not among Chicago’s narrowest buildings, but its 147-foot length exaggerates that perception, especially since there will be two commercial, and one residential door sharing the Belmont Avenue side of the building.

Retail will occupy the first and second floors. Look for residences ranging from 430 to 1,300 square feet on the rest of the floors. Most of the homes will have CTA viewing balconies, and there’s also a sizable roof deck.

  • Address: 937 West Belmont Avenue
  • Address: 945 West Belmont Avenue
  • Developer: GW Properties
  • Architecture firm: NORR
  • Requested zoning: B3-5 Community Shopping District
  • Floors: 6
  • Height: 74 feet
  • Width: 42 feet
  • Length: 147 feet
  • Floor area ratio: 5.0
  • Retail space: ~4,000 square feet
  • Residences: 24
  • Parking: zero

Location: 945 West Belmont Avenue, Lake View

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