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Fountain Tests and Fish Hotels Mark The Latest Chicago Riverwalk Progress

Chicago Riverwalk under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy DJ)

Chicago Riverwalk under construction (Courtesy of Loop Spy DJ)

The latest phases of the Chicago Riverwalk project are really something to see these days.  It’s the beginning of October, so there’s a certain urgency in the air to get things buttoned up before the sky fills with snow and the river becomes a manic jigsaw puzzle of ice.

Loop Spy DJ splashed some new photos of the riverwalk construction in our tip line a few hours ago, and it’s good news for both kids and fish.

Kids, because what appears to be a walk-thought fountain illuminated with multi-color LEDs was recently tested.  The deck is wet, so we’re going to assume it worked.

Fish, because the old Fish Hotel that used to bob in the swells down by the Michigan Avenue Bridge, and later the Dearborn Street Bridge, is now back as a massive Fish Hotel, Resort, and Convention Center.  It looks at least four times larger than the previous version, and will be a permanent addition to the river channel.

CDOT hopes to have all six new “rooms” of the riverwalk expansion completed in the next couple of months.

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