100 West Huron is Back and Better Than Ever

If you’ve been eager to see the surface parking lot at 100 West Huron Street turned into something better, but you’ve been holding out for a new design, well there’s good news. The proposed hotel for the corner of Huron and Clark is back again with a brand new look!

100 West Huron started as an Akara Partners condominium project in the heady days of 2014, way back when people were still dumping buckets of ice on one another and politicians believed that terrorists would bow to the power of hashtags.

Diagram of 100 West Huron

For whatever reason, the 14-story/28-residence version of the building across the street from Hotel Felix didn’t stroke the cat, and two years later it was reborn with four more floors and a new purpose: lodging.

Fast forward (your kids don’t know where that word comes from) seven months, and we find ourselves where we are today — with a brand new design by NORR, but pretty much the same bones.

The numbers mostly look the same, but it’s certainly a prettier design. We’ll let you be the judge by comparing the before and after diagrams below. The main difference is that the developer is working the city’s new Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus into the math. We were never very good at math, which is why we’re journalists and not architects.  So here’s an ice bucket full of facts from the new city filing:

  • Address: 100 West Huron Street
  • Address: 700 North Clark Street
  • Developer: AP 100 W. Huron Property LLC
  • For realsies: Akara Partners
  • Architecture firm: NORR
  • Maximum height: 180 feet, one inch
  • Maximum length: 110 feet
  • Maximum width: 88.96 feet
  • Floor Area Ratio: 10.25 (7.0 base + 1.75 Affordable Housing + 1.0 Upper Level Setback + 0.50 Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus)
  • Affordable Housing Opportunity Fund payment: $721,497
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund payment: $164,913.60
  • Adopt-a-Landmark Fund payment: $20,614.20
  • Local Impact Fund payment: $20,614.20
  • Net site area: 11,985 square feet
  • Maximum hotel rooms: 200
  • Loading dock: one
  • Green roof alert: 4,135 square feet

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