Hand Lotion and Hair Care Yield to Housing in the West Loop

If you’ve lived in the West Loop for a while, you may have been one of the thousands who lined up once a year for the big sale at H2O+’s warehouse at 845 West Madison Street. It was an opportunity to score quality health and beauty aids at low low prices.

But now that H2O, like the Lucas Museum, has skedaddled from Chicago to San Francisco, the John Buck Company has big plans for the block at the heart of the West Loop.

Rendering of 845 West Madison (Courtesy of The John Buck Company)

Rendering of 845 West Madison (Courtesy of The John Buck Company)

It’s a 586-unit residential building by the name of… 845 West Madison, which is useful for when you have to tell a cab driver where you live. (A decade after it was built, there isn’t a cabbie in the city who knows where The Shoreham is.)

The original plan was for a 17-story/189-foot-tall building with 620 residences. But after meeting with community groups, what got filed with the city is a slightly more modest 15-story/180-foot-tall structure. Here’s the bird’s eye low-down on this caper:

  • Address: 845 West Madison Street
  • Address: 833 West Madison Street
  • Address: 832 West Monroe Street
  • Address: 1 South Peoria Street
  • Address: 2 South Green Street
  • Developer: 845 West Madison Partners LLC
  • For realsies: John Buck Company
  • Architecture firm: GREC
  • Maximum height: 180½ feet
  • Net site area: 99,940 square feet
  • Current zoning: DX-5 and DS-3
  • Requested zoning: Planned Development
  • Floor Area Ratio: 6.0 (5.0 base + 1.0 Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus)
  • Maximum residences: 586
  • Parking: 293 auto spaces
  • Parking: 150 bicycle spaces
  • Loading docks: 5

Location: 845 West Madison Street, West Loop

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