901 West Fulton Market to be Scrutinized Tonight

It’s been about three months since we first told you about the development planned for 901 West Fulton Market in what’s left of the city’s eviscerated meatpacking district. Now that 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett Junior has called for a public meeting on the project, it’s time for a review.

Thor Equities in New York wants to add two story additions onto two existing three-story buildings, and build a new five-story building to go with them. The configuration all around is ground floor retail, with office above. This is on the southwest corner of Fulton and Peoria.

Drawing of 901 West Fulton Market

Drawing of 901 West Fulton Market

If you want to go to the public meeting, it’s being held at 7:00pm tonight (October 25, 2016) at the Merit School of Music, 38 South Peoria Street. If you go, try to remember this is supposed to be a civilized piece of civic interaction, not a White Sox game. So, unlike previous public meetings, no shouting, no jeering, and please no more spitting.

Time to turn on the firehose:

  • Address: 901 West Fulton Market
  • Address: 214 North Peoria Street
  • Developer: Thor 905 W Fulton LLC
  • For realsies: Thor Equities
  • Architecture firm: Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
  • Current zoning: DX-3 Downtown Mixed-Use, and C1-1 Neighborhood Commercial District
  • Floor area ratio: 4.49 (Base: 3.0 + 1.49 Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus)
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund payment: $577,49.18
  • Adopt-a-landmark Fund payment: $72,184.90
  • Local Impact Fund payment: $72,184.90
  • Roof height: 69 feet, four inches
  • Maximum height: 72 feet
  • Floors: 5
  • Net site area: 20,882 square feet
  • Parking: none
  • Outdoor terraces on fourth and fifth floors
  • Green roof alert: 4,455 square feet

Location: 901 West Fulton Market, West Town

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