Paperwork Filed For New Dore Elementary School in West Clearing

The super-secret plan for a new Dore Elementary school is finally on paper in an official form. Paperwork has been filed with the city’s zoning board to make it a reality.

John C. Dore Elementary School in the West Clearing neighborhood, near Midway Airport, is going to be replaced by a brand new school at West 65th Street and South Nottingham Avenue. The announcement was made in meetings in May described as “private” “invitation-only” and “VIP” by the Sun-Times. The reason for the hush-hush is because it’s hard to announce a new school being built at a time when the city is pleading poverty to both the state and the teachers’ union, no matter how much the students deserve it.

And deserve it, they do. Dore Elementary is both perpetually overcrowded, and one of the best performing schools in the city. It has over 725 students. It was designed for 400.

Here’s the student-sized firehose:

  • Address: 7101 West 64th Street
  • Address: 6434 South Nottingham Avenue
  • Address: 7100 West 65th Street
  • Developer: Board of Education of the City of Chicago
  • Net site area: 125,980 square feet
  • Floors: 3
  • Maximum height: 48 feet
  • Roof height: 45 feet
  • Floor area ratio: 1.7
  • Loading docks: 1
  • Loading dock access: off western public alley
  • Auto parking spaces: 29
  • Parking access: off South Nottingham Avenue
  • Primary entrance: Off 64th Street
  • Parent pick-up/drop-off zone: Along 64th Street
  • Bus pick-up/drop-off zone: South Nottingham Avenue
  • Play lot size: 2,442 square feet
  • Play field size: 20,400 square feet

Location: 7100 West 65th Street, West Clearing

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