More Green Sought To Light Up More Wabash

So, did you get to see the demo installation of The Wabash Lights yet? If not, here’s a refresher course:

The Wabash Lights is an interactive art display hanging below the L tracks that run down Wabash Avenue in downtown Chicago.  The idea is that 600  programmable colored light tubes will illuminate the area darkened by the trains, serve as public art, and also a bit of entertainment.  It’s envisioned that the lights will change as the trains rumble overhead, or people will be able to make pretty patterns with them using their smartphones.  Possibilities abound.

Test segment of The Wabash Lights (Courtesy of Loop North News)

Test segment of The Wabash Lights (Courtesy of Loop North News)

Earlier this year, $60,000 was raised through donations and a small test section of lights installed between Monroe and Adams Streets.  Now Loop North News reports that people behind the Wabash Lights want to go bigger: Installing lights down two more blocks of Wabash.  But to do it, they’re asking for donations once again.

Fifty grand should do it, according to the Kickstarter campaign, which as of this writing has raised about 20 grand from around 200 people.

So, what’s next after those two blocks are lit up?  The rest of the project is expected to cost $1.5 million.


Location: Wabash Avenue, Between Monroe and Adams, The Loop

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